There are several signs to look for that will help you identify an authentic pair of denim jeans. These include the use of YKK or self-branded zippers, the use of a belt loop, and indigo dye. If you spot any of these signs, you can be sure that the jeans you are about to purchase are authentic.

Check For Stains

When checking for stains on your original denim jeans, it's important to avoid rubbing or soaking the garment in hot or hotter water. This can cause the stain to spread or sink deeper in the denim. A better solution is to soak the denim in cool water.

When washing your denim jeans, you may notice some stains. Some stains are caused by oils, including grease, cooking oils, and beauty products. These stains can be hard to detect, so it's best to check for them before washing. Oil stains can be cleaned by applying a paste of baking soda and water. This paste should be applied with a toothbrush in a circular motion. It will absorb the stain and make it less noticeable.

If you notice that your jeans have stains, don't panic. First, try blotting the stain with a clean rag. If possible, use a light-colored rag. Avoid using dark-colored rags because they can stain your jeans. Next, soak your jeans in a medium-sized plastic tub.

Check For A Belt Loop

If your original men's denim jeans with side pockets don't have a belt loop, you can easily repair the problem by cutting a small scrap of fabric that is larger than the hole. You can also use threads of denim to fill in the hole. After you've repaired the hole, the jeans are ready to wear.

Check For Indigo Dye

In order to avoid color transfer, it is important to wash original denim jeans before wearing them. The tags on most jeans will warn you about the risks of color transfer. Wash dark jeans in cold water, and avoid hot water, which can cause them to shrink. It is also a good idea to try washing them by themselves first.

Check For Care Tags

Original denim jeans often come with care tags. You can use them to identify whether a pair is authentic or fake. These tags can be found on the inside pocket and zipper tabs. If they're missing, you may want to return the pair. Regardless, you don't want to purchase an imitation pair.

Check For Micro-Stitching

One of the best ways to identify if your denim jeans are authentic is to look at the micro-stitching on the tags. Micro-stitching is a security measure implemented by many designer brands to prevent fakes from entering their stores. It is made up of minute threads that are difficult for counterfeiters to duplicate. You can check the tags using a magnifying glass to see these tiny threads.

The stitching is usually found near the foot of the label tag. It is almost invisible to the naked eye, but it is there as a security device. Genuine Diesel jeans will have this security device. Authentic Citizens of Humanity jeans will also have YKK lettering on the zipper pull tab. Make sure you find the security device and the zipper pull tab stamped with the manufacturer's lettering.

Examine The Quality Of The Jean

When purchasing a pair of jeans, make sure they are of high quality. Premium jeans will use high-quality zippers and buttons, and they should not have any visible threads. They should also feel sturdy. In addition, the stitching on the jeans should be even and not frayed. Premium jeans will have thicker denim, which is another indication of their quality. You can check the brand name by looking at its spelling.

A quality pair of jeans will last you a long time. Look for threads that are not tightly attached to the jeans, and try to stretch them at the seams. If they pull apart, that means they are of low quality, and you should avoid them. You can even use the zoom feature to check the stitching detail.

Check For A Cinch Back

Original denim jeans that were made before 1937 should have a cinch back. They should also have the crotch rivet at the base of the button fly. Jeans from earlier years are generally in the hands of collectors or the Levi's Archives. They might also not have belt loops or even a back pocket. It can be difficult to give a pair of nice jeans to your boyfriend/girlfriend as a gift. You want to be thoughtful and meaningful, but also not spend too much.

Check For Quality Zippers

If you're planning to buy authentic denim jeans, you should check for high-quality zippers and buttons. These features will help you differentiate between a fake and a genuine pair. The zippers and buttons of a high-quality pair will not be made from cheap materials like aluminium. They should be tight and durable. If the buttons or zippers on your jeans are loose or falling off easily, this is a sure sign of low-quality production.


Identifying the quality of original jeans can be tricky. There are several ways to tell the difference between an original pair and a replica. First, look at the construction of the denim. If it's well-sewn, it's more likely to be original. If not, it's a replica. Replicas are generally cheaper and made by companies that do not have a license to produce the brand.